BSN AMINO-X 30serve

BSN AMINO-X 30serve

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BSN's branched-chain amino acid product is the first Effervescent Instantized BCAAs Endurance and Recovery Agent.

AMINOx is designed to support:
* Protein Synthesis / Anabolism
* Glycogen Resynthesis
* Insulin Sensitivity
* Anti-Catabolism / Muscle Sparing
* Recovery from Training Sessions
* Muscular Endurance
* Resistance to Muscular Fatigue

* World's First Effervescent Instantized Amino Acid Product
* 10 g of Micronized Anti-Catabolic Amino Acids per Serving!
* 0 Grams of Sugar per Serving
* 500 Anabolic IUs of Vitamin D per Serving
* Caffeine-Free - Can Be Used Anytime, Day or Night
* Mixes Completely (No Clumping)

30 Servings Fruit Punch
Supplement Facts
Serving Size:1 Level Scoop (14.5g)‚
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving
Total Carbohydrate <1g
Vitamin D (As Cholecalciferol) 500IU
Sodium 160mg
Anabolic Amino Acid Interfusion 10g
[L-Leucine (Micronized), L-Valine (Micronized), L-Isoleucine (Micronized)], L-Alanine, Taurine (Micronized), L-Citrulline (Micronized)
Efforsorb EnDura Composite 2g
Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate And Cholecalciferol