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Sparta Nutrition BCAA is the newest innovation in amino acid supplementation. You have
high expectations for your training supplements, and we’re no different. BCAA is engineered to help you power through workouts, recover faster than ever, without sacrificing taste or results.  Created with a balanced 2:1:1 BCAA ratio and full spectrum EAA blend, we’re confident that it’s the best amino supplement on the market.

Not all aminos are made equally. Today, the hot topic is all about BCAA vs full-spectrum
EAAs. With BCAA, you get both, and will never need to worry about which side of the fence to support. As the building blocks of proteins and muscle building, amino acids are a crucial
component of your program.

We make sure BCAA is clearly labeled with everything that goes into our formula. Just like our full range of performance supplements, BCAA has no surprises, and comes with a complete, clear, and honest label. No banned substances. Fully disclosed, BCAA provides a serious total of eight grams of aminos.

Our approach was to create the most effective and best tasting amino acid blend for everyone, starting with premium ingredients that stand up to the test.


Athletes are often conflicted about which types of protein should be consumed and at what time. Good news––the data suggests that a full spectrum of amino acids is necessary for optimal muscle tissue repair and building. Yes, the three BCAAs will provide a spike in muscle protein synthesis (MPS), but if the body doesn’t have the building blocks it needs to actually repair the muscle tissue, then the MPS spike will ultimately do nothing for muscle growth.

The nine essential aminos are called "Essential" for a reason––you must get them in via diet or supplementation since your body cannot synthesize them itself!

A full spectrum protein profile will promote an anabolic environment for a longer period of time, as increased protein in the body will prolong the muscle protein synthesis effect. If we do not have protein in our system to spike muscle protein synthesis (MPS), we lose out on possible gains and muscle building effects.

Each serving of BCAA contains:

● 2500mg Instant L-Leucine
● 3000mg Amino9™ EAAs

● 1250mg Instant L-Valine

BCAA is the first ever amino acid product to offer the patented Amino9™ Essential Amino
Acid mix.

Don’t let the name full you. BCAA is so much more than a standard BCAA supplement and is the one and only amino acid product you will ever need. Taken pre-workout, intra-workout, or post-workout, BCAA is your ultimate choice for amino acid supplementation and will jumpstart your muscle building journey.

Unrivaled Taste
By this point, our unique and authentic flavors speak for themselves. Sparta Nutrition BCAA has redefined the amino acid experience with industry-leading flavors and unrivaled flavor systems that bring you back to your childhood. Say goodbye to suffering through chalky tasting amino acids drinks and get the best tasting BCAA in the industry with the confidence of knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body with Sparta Nutrition.